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Our #joyfish - a collaboration between Laughing Mind, Quiet Rush and GroupD Creative, powered by boxed sunshine + Goal Zero gear.
As part of LumenMotion, we're running Photographers awards to recognise the best entry in the following categories, based on images posted online to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and tagged with #lumenmotion15 

​Images must be based on a verifiable RAW image file source, not retouched. Whilst sharing on the night would be lovely, we know that it can take a little time back in the studio to get an export, web ready image done. Prize-winners will be announced 9pm 13Nov via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

We'll be judging based on a crowdsourced poll of registered participants and judges discretion, so clearly popular posts judged on social media will be bubbling to the top of the list but other factors will also be taken into account. No vote buying please folks. :-) Creative points accumulate if you can integrate local landmarks, places + spaces in a novel reinterpretation of them as part of the event.
Prize 1 - Lumen Motion: For capturing the best motion capture image of the night. Prize = Goal Zero Venture 30 Recharger Kit, valued at $269 The Venture30 represents latest portable solar charging product technology from Goal Zero, used and recommended by a range of outdoor adventurers and photographers.
Prize 2 - Festival Spirit: For capturing the festive spirit of the event on the night, you can win a versatile Goal Zero Torch 250 LED flashlight, valued at $119. Perfect as a companion light + emergency power source for those tricky photo setups when you need a bit more light at hand, or a quick top up charge for your batteries or phone using the inbuilt USB port.
<![CDATA[Spark your Creative Force with SparkCC workshops]]>Sun, 11 Oct 2015 23:24:58 GMThttp://www.lumenmotion.com/blog/spark-your-creative-force-with-sparkcc-workshopsSparkCC are your local Central Coast Makerspace in West Gosford. They've done a great job putting together 2 workshops to help you get your sparkle on and help us light up the night on 7Nov2015 at southern Tuggerah Lake. Check these out and grab a ticket early:
Sat17Oct2015 - Wearable Electronics Workshop: a nice short 2hr workshop to help you build your own ElectroLuminiscent (EL) Wire decorations for bikes, helmets or personal adornment.
Sat 24Oct2015 - LED LightSaber workshop: their second 2hr workshop to help you work with addressable LED strips controlled by microcomputers to build a LightSabre that is a testament to your own DIY Force. Get your Geek on!
<![CDATA[A moment with Stephen Orlando from MotionExposure]]>Fri, 18 Sep 2015 04:36:13 GMThttp://www.lumenmotion.com/blog/a-moment-with-stephen-orlando-from-motionexposure
The work of Stephen Orlando, founder of www.motionexposure.com is one of the motivating elements that got the ball rolling on our festival. 

His work inspired us to see what we can achieve together in a different landscape with playfulness, light, water and motion (with a few tech skills + elements). We use some of his photos as part of our Inspirations gallery to give you an idea of what's possible and to seed ideas, but he's got a whole lot more on his site that's well worth checking out or purchasing.

We recently asked him a few questions about the origins, motivations and detail of his works.
Stephen Orlando, from www.motionexposure.com
1. What inspired you to explore some of the forms and places you've featured at www.motionexposure.com ?
"I'm an avid kayaker and canoeist so it was a natural for me to photograph two of my favourite activities. I have a background in aerodynamics which has also inspired me to create these photos. I see a lot of similarities between the streamlines of fluid flow and the lights trails in my photos."

2. What's in your Motion Exposure toolkit that's helped to give the great results you've achieved?
"I'm using an Arduino to drive a strip of led lights. This allows me almost infinite control over the lights patterns. I'm using a full frame dslr in manual mode, however any camera with full manual settings can be used. Also, very important is a tripod so the camera doesn't move during the shot. I've also found that a remote for the camera really makes the process easier so you can perfectly time the shot. "

3. How can the subject of the photo work best with the photographer to achieve a memorable result?
"The canoeing and kayaking photos I take are difficult to achieve because I cannot easily mark a line in the water where I want the paddlers to move so the photos require many takes. An experienced and patient paddler is key to making these photos great. It is very important for the photographer to plan out the shoot with the subject beforehand so the subject has an idea of what the photo is going to look like."

4. What tips can you share with local photographers about your setup for getting the best result?
"My number one recommendation would be to familiarize yourself with how the main settings of the camera work (ISO, aperture and shutter speed) so that you know how to compensate for different lighting conditions. You have to use these settings in combination to properly expose the led lights and the background. I would also strongly recommend getting a remote for your camera so you can easily use bulb mode."

5. Do you have a personal favourite in your gallery that stands out in terms of the result achieved compared to the amount of effort taken to get the shot? What is it and why?
"So far my whitewater kayaking photos have been my favourite. They look great and I was particularly proud of all the effort I put into planning the shoot so the lights and batteries were well waterproofed."

6. What's coming up next for you?
"I have some shoots planned with some Olympic athletes which I'm really excited about. I also have some new light patterns that I think will look great. I'm planning on taking more music themed photos as well."
<![CDATA[Storytelling of our estuarine lakes catchment and culture]]>Sun, 23 Aug 2015 20:49:32 GMThttp://www.lumenmotion.com/blog/storytelling-of-our-estuarine-lakes-catchment-and-culture
The Tuggerah Lakes are an important estuarine lake/lagoon system, home to an abundance of flora, fauna with important indigenous cultural sites and history. It's worth taking the time to understand more about the interconnections of the creatures that live in our lakes and their dependence on our roles as active, engaged custodians of the landscape they depend on. 

Wyong Shire Council, as part of the Caring for Our Country initiative, have produced a great Love our Living Lakes resource to help describe the ecology and interdependencies that exist within the lakes. 
One of the many videos produced in the See and Learn series to understand your Lake systems in more detail.
Regent Honeyeater - critically endangered.
During the leadup to Lumen Motion on 7November 2015, take the time to explore the Love Our Living Lakes site and have a think about how you might like to weave some storytelling into your work, help us tell the story of the Lake and its creatures. 

Whether it be creating a seahorse light sculpture, or creating a costume that embodies the spirit of one of our beautiful feathered fauna, your contributions are going to be welcomed.

Caring for Country - Indigenous history

Take the time to also explore and discover the indigenous history and importance of the Lakes - we'll be providing some more materials in our coming blog-posts but here's a taster, with local representative Gavi Duncan telling some of the local stories of important cultural sites as part of Reconciliation Weeks Catchment Crawl. 
Our understanding of a  place is always enriched when you hear how it's viewed through indigenous eyes, take the time to explore its history and importance through others eyes. Our work in indigenous health settings at Laughing Mind and connection to peers at Culture Is Life has helped us understand why Connection to Country is important and helps sustain positive culture and health. 
<![CDATA[Sk8er motion]]>Sat, 15 Aug 2015 06:41:43 GMThttp://www.lumenmotion.com/blog/sk8er-motionWith Picnic Point acting as one of our event spaces, we know there's quite a few skaters that like to hit the place at dusk. With a variety of spots, there's some great options to capture the motion of your latest tricks, by lighting up your boards and obstacles. Here's some examples of things we can do in partnership with you, using some simple DIY kits from AdaFruit and a helping hand from the Central Coast Makerspace run by SparkCC at West Gosford.
<![CDATA[Creating your own Lightning Cloud]]>Mon, 03 Aug 2015 01:06:16 GMThttp://www.lumenmotion.com/blog/creating-your-own-lightning-cloudWhen it comes to lighting up the night, there's nothing that primes our senses quite like a good old lightning storm. Here's a great little article by the Maker crew at MakeUseOf for how to build your own portable lightning cloud

Be brave, jump in and explore - who knows, you might just meet some other storm-makers on the path!
LumenMotion (www.lumenmotion.com) is a festival to celebrate the fusion of Light and Human Powered motion, enhanced by lightweight technology + clean tech power, allowing us to creatively visualise loved landscapes and places with new, transient artworks. 

Designed for easy entry participation for enjoyment by all ages and families, it's also a little STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts + Maths) exercise for those who want to take their participation to the next level.